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A Plan is a collection of 4-5 Mutual Funds with the same objective

All Plans now have a Step-UP SIP option.

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What is a SIP Plan?

A SIP Plan is a bouquet or collection or portfolio of Mutual Funds. Our experts have hand-picked some of the best mutual funds to create plans or portfolios with a specific theme. We have tried to keep 4-5 Mutual Funds in a Plan. This helps you diversify the risk involved.So instead of buying one single mutual fund, you can buy 4-5 mutual funds of that plan, in a single transaction. For Example: The Small and Mid-cap Plan has the top 5 Small and Mid-Cap mutual funds.

How is a SIP Plan different from SIP in a Mutual Fund?

Instead of investing in a single SIP, with a plan, one can invest in 4-5 mutual funds that are part of the plan. A plan is nothing but a bouquet or portfolio of mutual funds.

Do you change the funds in the plan?

Yes, we periodically change the funds in a plan depending on the funds’ performance. This is to ensure that you always invest in the best funds for that specific theme for which the plan was created.