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Low Risk Plans

If you do not want to take any risk and want better returns than Savings Account/FD/RD, you should invest in these portfolios.

WHY INVEST IN Low Risk Plans ?

LOW-RISK portfolios as substitute to Fixed Deposits with almost Double the returns. Most of these funds are where large companies invest their money for the short-term.

All Plans now have a Step-UP SIP option.



Ideal for investments from 1 day to 3+ years

Lock - In

No Lock-in. You can invest anytime and withdraw anytime you want.

Tax Impact

Gains are taxed at your tax-bracket if withdrawn before 3 Yrs. Around 3% if withdrawn after 3 Yrs.


Systematic Investment Plan or SIP enables investors to regularly invest a fixed amount in the best mutual funds. In a mutual fund SIP, a fixed amount is deducted every month from your savings account and invested in the chosen mutual fund. SIP Plans bring the discipline of regular investing and the power of compounding to get you high returns with a lower risk. Through fixed regular investments, SIP lower the impact of market ups and down on investment returns. Mutual Fund SIP plans can be started for as low as ₹500. These SIP plans also provide higher liquidity compared to other investment plans.


SIP in Upwardly Tax Saving Plan gives you double benefits of high returns and tax saving under Section 80C. A SIP plan of ₹12,500 per month in ELSS funds is enough to meet your Section 80C tax savings requirements. For investing in Best ELSS Funds, monthly SIP works out to be better than making lumpsum investment from December to March.

What is a SIP Plan?

A SIP Plan is a bouquet or collection or portfolio of Mutual Funds. Our experts have hand-picked some of the best mutual funds to create plans or portfolios with a specific theme. We have tried to keep 4-5 Mutual Funds in a Plan. This helps you diversify the risk involved.So instead of buying one single mutual fund, you can buy 4 - 5 mutual funds of that plan, in a single transaction.For Example: The Small and Mid - cap Plan has the top 5 Small and Mid - Cap mutual funds.

How is a SIP Plan different from SIP in a Mutual Fund?

Instead of investing in a single SIP, with a plan, one can invest in 4-5 mutual funds that are part of the plan. A plan is nothing but a bouquet or portfolio of mutual funds.

Do you change the funds in the plan?

Yes, we periodically change the funds in a plan depending on the funds’ performance. This is to ensure that you always invest in the best funds for that specific theme for which the plan was created.

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