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Because no dream is too big.

Before we tell you what Upwardly does, let us tell you what Upwardly doesn't do:

We don't simplify investments.

That is too easy. We're a tech-based investment platform and we're expected to be easy. That is given.

But what we actually do is simplify dreams.

The purpose of our easy-to-use robust, tech-driven investment platform is to allow you to fulfill your desires, aspirations and dreams.No matter how big or how crazy or how distant they are.In simpler words you tell us your goal and we'll give you an investment porfolio to achieve that goal.

Let's understand how this works.

First, the problem

You have a dream. It might be anything: a month backpacking across Europe, a destination wedding in Goa, a 3BHK in your favorite locality, a BMW as you second car, a business of your own, a foreign university education for your daughter, a grand wedding for your son or a comfortable retirement in Dharmshala. No matter what your dream is, the problem that stops you from fulfilling that dream is belief. The dream seems far-fetched or unrealistic and you don't know how to achieve it.

Which brings us to the solution

We're here to tell you that no money - related dream is too big.All you need to do to fulfill it is investment systematically in the right manner.It is not as easy as it sounds, but a personalised portfolio for you, monitor it periodically, suggest changes as required and hold your hand till you reach your goal.

And hence, Upwardly.

Want to know why Goal-Based investing works for you?

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