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We are glad you dropped by here. An investment platform is only as good as the team building it, after all. Allow us to introduce you to Team Upwardly. The Upwardly founding team comprises experience and expertise earned from investment banking, wealth management, capital markets, consumer business and e-commerce. Together, we have the know-how of building tech products for the end user as well as the financial knowledge to make investments work.


Prateek Mehta
Co-founder & CEO

Has played Leadership roles in Indian E-commerce at Myntra (SVP), Zovi (President) & Operational roles in Fortune 50 companies like Dell & Citibank. Has a strong experience in scaling Businesses & operations. Leads a dual life as a Part time runner & father. Believes that the absence of right consumer experience is the reason why Indians do not invest.

Financial industry professional and battle hardened veteran of last three cycles in the capital markets. He has spent 15+ years in Financial services Citibank, Indiabulls, JP Morgan. Set up and scaled Stock broking operations, New product initiatives for Indiabulls. Has a strong experience in building winning portfolio strategies, operations and processes.


Vivek Agarwal
(IIT BHU, FMS Delhi)


Prithvi Raj Tejavath

Serial entrepreneur with a deep understanding of consumer needs and psyche. He was Founder & CEO BuynBrag.com, acquired by UrbanLadder in 2014. He was part of the Leadership team at UrbanLadder.com (VP, Category & Growth; Sourcing). Has played senior roles in Sales, Marketing & BD in MNCs like Coca Cola and Diageo.

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