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Why are Mutual Funds better than FD?

Mutual Funds provide better returns and have significantly less taxation than FD. In the past, equity Mutual Funds have given around 14% returns while debt Mutual Funds have given around 8% returns. FD on the other hand give around 7% return which is fully taxable as well.

Is there any lock-in?

All Mutual Funds (except tax saving) do not have any lock-in period. This is in contrast to other investment options like FD, PPF etc.

What are debt and equity Mutual Funds?

Debt Mutual Funds invest your money by lending it to Government, Corporates, Banks, RBI etc. They have negligible risk and can give 7-9% returns. Equity Mutual Funds invest your money in the share market. They are risky in short term. But in long term (5-10 years) they are likely to give 12-15% returns.

Are Mutual Funds safe?

Equity Mutual Funds show volatility in short run. However, in long run (5-10 year) they are fairly safe. So, if you invest in Debt Mutual Funds for less than 5 years and Equity Mutual Funds for greater than 5 years, you will be fine.

Why do I need a relationship manager?

Investing in Mutual Funds is not easy. There are over 2000 mutual funds. With so much noise and marketing around Mutual Funds, it’s very easy to get distracted and invest in a fund unsuitable for your requirements. A good financial relationship manager will act as your mentor, understand your requirements and guide you throughout your financial journey.

Why should I invest with Upwardly?

At Upwardly, we try to understand your life stage, financial situation, financial goals and then provide a personalized investment plan for you. Also, this is not a one time engagement. As there are changes in your requirements and investment environment, we re-calibrate your investment plan as and when required or requested. With Upwardly, all you have to do is be honest about your financial situation and rest will be taken care of.

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I really like Upwardly’s Fund rankings and investment strategies. I was able to easily set up Systematic Transfer Plans on their platform and invest in Equity Mutual Funds in a prudent way.


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