Best Sip Plans

Best SIP Plans to Invest | Best Investment Plan With High Returns for 2018 - 2019. Ideal for growing rich, retirement, kids’ education, other long term goals.

Why invest in Best Sip Plans?

Upwardly brings to you the Best SIP plans to build wealth and achieve financial goals. These equity investment plans invest in a mix of stocks which are expected to grow in value. Upwardly Equity Plan has given more than 25% returns in the last 5 years.
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Upwardly Equity Plan

Recommended portfolio of funds selected by Upwardly Advisory team
3 Yr 2 MoDoubled Money
24.4 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Small & Mid Cap Plan

Higher potential returns than Large cap but higher risk
3 Yr 3 MoDoubled Money
23.3 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 5 YrsHorizon
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Tax Saving Plan

Invest in top performing ELSS funds to save hard earned money.
3 Yr 11 MoDoubled Money
19.1 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Top Balanced Funds

Double benefits of lower risk with big returns
4 Yr 10 MoDoubled Money
15.3 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Large Cap Plan

Chosen portfolio of Bluechip companies. Track record of high & predictable returns.
5 Yr 1 MoDoubled Money
14.6 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Flexi Cap Plan

Invest in dynamic portfolios of the top fund managers. Invest like an insider.
3 Yr 10 MoDoubled Money
19.5 %Returns (5 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon

Know before you Invest

HorizonStay invested for a duration of not less than 5 years to maximise your returns from these tailored portfolios
Lock-InNo Lock-in (except ELSS). You can invest anytime and withdraw any time you want. 3 year Lockin for ELSS funds
Tax ImpactGains are taxed @15% if withdrawn before 1 year. Gains (in excess of ₹1 lakh p.a.) are taxed @10% if withdrawn after 1 year. Gains withdrawn up to ₹1 lakh in a financial year are exempt from income tax

What is SIP

Systematic Investment Plan or SIP enables investors to regularly invest a fixed amount in the best mutual funds. In a mutual fund SIP, a fixed amount is deducted every month from your savings account and invested in the chosen mutual fund. SIP Plans bring the discipline of regular investing and the power of compounding to get you high returns with a lower risk. Through fixed regular investments, SIP lower the impact of market ups and down on investment returns. Mutual Fund SIP plans can be started for as low as ₹500. These SIP plans also provide higher liquidity compared to other investment plans.

SIP in Tax Saving Mutual Funds

SIP in Upwardly Tax Saving Plan gives you double benefits of high returns and tax saving under Section 80C. A SIP plan of ₹12,500 per month in ELSS funds is enough to meet your Section 80C tax savings requirements. For investing in Best ELSS Funds, monthly SIP works out to be better than making lumpsum investment from December to March.