Balanced Plans

Invest in these portfolios to get the right BALANCE of HIGHER returns from equity and STABLE returns from debt.

Why invest in Balanced Plans?

Investors with Moderate risk appetite should invest in these portfolios.
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Top Balanced Funds

Double benefits of lower risk with big returns
4 Yr 11 MoDoubled Money
15.1 %Returns (15 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Dynamic Asset Allocation

Untold strategies of millionaires. Ride the marker like a Pro
5 Yr 2 MoDoubled Money
14.3 %Returns (15 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon
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Equity Savings Funds - Conservative

Reliable & proven plan to get consistent Returns. Safer Debt & Arbitrage with little equity
8 Yr 4 MoDoubled Money
8.63 %Returns (15 Yr)
> 1 yrHorizon
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Monthly Income Plan - Dividend

Smart, Reliable and Consistent plans for a Regular Income
5 Yr 7 MoDoubled Money
13.1 %Returns (15 Yr)
> 3 YrsHorizon

Know before you Invest

HorizonStay invested for a duration of at least 3 years to maximize your returns from these tailored portfolios
Lock-InNo Lock-in. You can invest anytime and withdraw any time you want.
Tax ImpactGains are taxed @15% if withdrawn before 1 year. Gains (in excess of ₹1 lakh p.a.) are taxed @10% if withdrawn after 1 year. Gains withdrawn up to ₹1 lakh in a financial year are exempt from income tax

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