How to Stop Being Horrible at Saving Money, Seriously!

Setting goals will help you invest better

You wanted that bike. You stopped yourself from buying it but six months later, you bring the shiny beast home! So, what happened? Most likely, you didn’t have an incentive that would have stopped you, one that was stronger than the feel of the machine. Now consider this- how about the ability to buy a bigger beast in the future, or not having to worry about a recession when it hits next, or both? Don’t they sound better than buying the bike ‘now’? That is where goal come into the picture — they give you perspective. Goals are a disciplined way to save money.

Perspective, again!

Now, if you have a goal that quantifies and lays out your plan, the next step is a monthly payment into a crispy investment fund, which you can find out using our SIP Calculator. You will see the difference — the weekend the guys want to visit a new micro-brewery, you will not feel bad about skipping the pumpkin flavoured ale. Your money is working for you in the background to have your own brewery one day, where you will make any flavoured beer that you want!

Long Term Blueprints

Like you would have guessed by now with goals, you can structure long-term plans to accommodate not only the flavoured beer, but also buy the bike. By thinking ahead, you unleash the power of compounding! And potentially your own brewery!

Goals — The ‘Plan’ in Savings Plan

Goalless financial strategies are subject to the capriciousness of moods and situations. Goals curb the temptation for impulsive spending, reminding you all the time that your ‘bike fund’ and ‘safety net savings’ are the priority. And you save money the smart and disciplined way.

Upwardly understands the daily scenarios that compete with smart investing habits. We help you choose compatible investment paths based on the science of data, market research and a dynamic understanding of the financial landscape, ensuring that you stay on track.

Goals give you perspective, the incentive and the shinier beast! Upwardly makes it happen!

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*All returns are indicative basis past performance. Actual performance can vary.*

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