Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund Renamed to Mirae Asset India Equity Fund

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund has been renamed to Mirae Asset India Equity Fund as per the new SEBI guidelines. The fund remains a multi-cap fund. Also, other features of the scheme remain unchanged. With assets of ₹10,036 Cr, the Mirae Asset is managed by the prolific fund manager, Neelesh Surana. In spite of being a multi-cap fund, Mirae Asset India Equity Fund predominantly invests in large-cap stocks.

Neelesh has managed this fund along with Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund exceedingly well. The investment process is focused on a bottom-up approach with a well-diversified approach. Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund does not concentrate on any sector, stock or theme. It follows a growth style of investment. Also, the fund is a good performer in its category.



Mirae Asset India Equity Fund is a ranked 1st in the multi-cap category by Upwardly. Among the large-cap schemes, this fund is one of the most stable and consistently better performing schemes. Furthermore, year-on-year the fund surpassed its benchmark.

Mirae Asset India Equity Fund has beaten its category by 3-5 percentage points in the 3 and 5- year returns. It outperformed the benchmark by 4-6 percentage points. Among its peers, the fund has given better returns than its peers. It is also ranked first in the category of diversified funds (multi-cap).


Fund1 Year Return (%)3 Year Return (%)5 Year Return (%)
Mirae Asset India Equity Fund-Reg-3.34%16.21%19.35%
Kotak Standard Multicap-3.56%14.99%19.37%
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund-3.58%13.32%17.32%
UTI Equity Fund -0.52%11.95%15.45%
Parag Parikh Long Term Equity-1.79%12.96%17.35%


Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund has a good returns record for 9 years. A SIP of Rs 5,000 started 5 years ago would’ve given Rs 4.25 lakh by now.

Fund Information

Mirae Asset India Equity Fund’s investment approach is centered around participating in high-quality businesses up to a reasonable price and holding the same over an extended period of time. It has the flexibility to invest across sectors, themes & market caps. Also, Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund combines the consistency of large-caps with conviction ideas from midcaps. Also, the fund focuses on companies with sustainable competitive advantage.

The current fund portfolio has 80-85% allocation to large-cap stocks. Also, the top five holding sectors constitute 68.01% of the portfolio. These include financials (33.4%), energy (12.05%), technology (8.38%), FMCG (7.54%), and healthcare (6.64%).


It is recommended to invest in Mirae Asset India Equity Fund through SIP. Also, this fund is ideal for medium-term goals to long-term goals. Invest in Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund to maximize your returns for a foreseeable future. Investors who are looking for stability of large-cap stocks while getting a boost from select midcaps can invest in Mirae Asset India Equity Fund.


Fund NameMirae Asset India Equity Fund
Original Fund NameMirae Asset India Opportunities Fund
Launch DateApril 4th, 2008
AUMRs 10,036 Cr
Return (Returns greater than 1 year are annualized)Since Launch: 15.57%
1 Year: -3.34%
3 Year: 16.21%
5 year: 19.35%
Expense Ratio1.93%
Fund Category RiskAverage
Investment PlanGrowth
Minimum Investment Horizon5+ years
Minimum InvestmentRs 5,000
Minimum Additional InvestmentRs 1,000
Exit Load1% if withdrawn within 1 year
Fund ManagerNeelesh Surana
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