It is always better to invest systematically and for the long-term

This article was first published in Times of India.

What’s best for one person may not be the best for the other, even for people with the same zodiac signs. Same is true when deciding to invest. Mutual funds are the only category of investment products that a retail consumer can use to effectively beat inflation while growing wealth. Hence, to arrive at a mutual fund portfolio, there are these basic factors to be considered which have nothing to do with your zodiac sign.

What is the goal of investing

Do you want to simply create wealth or do you want to invest for tax saving or something else?

Investment horizon

How soon do you want to achieve the goal? Is it short-term (below 3 years) or long-term (5+ years)?

Risk Taking Appetite

How are you positioned on the risk-o-meter? Higher risk could mean higher returns.

From Aries to Pisces, all should listen up to these recommendations. It is always better to invest systematically and for the long-term. Even if you are interested in short-term investments, set aside an amount for long-term investments to protect you against market fluctuations. Also, one needs to increase your monthly SIP amount as your salary goes up.

If you are not an expert, consulting a good robo-advisory is a good idea. Simply because experts will exactly consider the above factors and help you invest in the right mutual funds with the right asset allocation. In a nutshell, we recommend starting a SIP in the MF portfolio best suited for you and not your Zodiac sign.

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