Investing like an Insider: four hidden tricks for you!

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Crazy easy tricks to get more from your investments

So you start investing! You picked up a good investment platform and a goal or theme that makes sense for you. KYC done and SIPs started. What next?

Now is when you need to turn your game on. It is important to stay on track and be disciplined. Here’s what you should do to stay on track:

Don’t give up in a bear phase

A lot of long-term investors get scared by a sudden market drop and redeem or stop investing their mutual funds. You shouldn’t fall of that trap. A volatile market can award you with investment opportunities that you shouldn’t miss. Moreover, since you’re investing for the long-term, you shouldn’t allow yourself to get affected by short-term volatility.

Increase your investment amount every year

You might start with ₹1,000–5,000 a month, but as your income goes up every year, you should increase your investment amount as well. You should also consider adding a fund or two to your portfolio once your monthly investable amount gets big enough to diversify.

Check your funds’ performance annually

It is not wise to invest in a mutual fund and forget about it for 20 years. It is also not wise to check the fund’s returns every week. An annual check would be more than enough for someone investing for 20 years. If your fund has been doing poorly for more than 6 months, you can consider replacing it with a better option.

Map your funds to goals

Once you have a few years of investing behind you, consider allocating a fund to a specific goal. This will allow to track the funds individually and analyse their performance on the basis of the goal they are for. Goal-based investing has the potential of turning out to be most fruitful.

Bonus: Keep your account funded

Once the SIPs are set-up, it is important to make sure that you have money in your account to support them. It is easy to slip. Most good advisors will send in a reminder before the SIP date. Just keep your account funded and you are well on your journey of becoming Upwardly mobile 🙂
These are some simple but powerful things that you can easily do to make your mutual fund investments work for you.

And some investment options for you: Equity investing for good returns, Safer investing in Debt Funds and Goal-based investing. Drop a note to in case you need any assistance
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