How to Invest in Google, Facebook, Microsoft stocks from India?

Looking to invest in the big tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft? Here is an opportunity for you to do so. Go big or go home is the motto of this fund. The products we use and interact with on a daily basis are products from these companies. It’s the phone, laptop, software that these disruptors have built which are truly remarkable and we’ve fallen in love with. It is hence quite obvious that we’d also want to participate in the growth of these companies.

Reliance US Equity Opportunities Fund is one such fund that is focused on such stocks.

This fund has a healthy mix of tech and non-tech companies that are disrupting their eco-systems. Companies in this strategy tend to faster-growing with both higher risk and higher return potential. The minimum investment in the fund is Rs 5,000.



The fund gave 21.3% return in one year (CAGR) and 10.99% return since inception. If Rs 5,000 monthly SIP is invested for 5 years, one can expect their investment to mature at Rs 5,37,034. This estimation is based on the historical return of the funds and done to facilitate informed decision making for investors. Actual results may vary.



Top 5 holdings

Its top holdings are Google 6.59%, Facebook 5.79%, 7.96%, and MasterCard 10.76%. The product is suitable for investors who are looking for long-term capital growth.


Check out the other top US equities fund below.


Invest with Upwardly now to be a part of the growth journey of revolutionary companies.

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