Father’s Day Gift: Financial Confidence

My Dad, My Super Hero. He has been the biggest support system, teacher, ATM machine – which is never out of cash, best critic, best friend, the roles he plays are never-ending. Oh yes! Its Father’s day weekend. Is it going to be a surprise party or an expensive gift? Have you planned for it yet? Isn’t gifting a watch, wallet, shirt or an electronic gadget become routine after so many years? If you are like me, who believes in gifting things that can last for a long time, then its time to think different. This year lets do something different for our superhero. Let’s assure our fathers’ stability, safety, and flexibility by investing in their retirement.

Is your father retirement ready? Be the one helping him retire peacefully, this year invest for your father and share his load, and see the spark in his eyes after. This Father’s Day, gift your dad financial confidence.


I’m sure most of our fathers would already have Insurance, but do you think its sufficient considering that he is getting older by the day? Top-up his insurance with a plan that would have more cover towards medical complications. We all love our fathers and want only the best service in case of medical emergencies. It’s the best you can do for Father’s Day. As the saying goes ‘Health is Wealth’, gift some of your wealth for your father’s health. Show him how much you care for him and the feeling is just incredible.

Mutual Funds

If your father is nearing retirement, then this Father’s Day you should be gifting him a plan that would help him retire peacefully. Regular investments in Mutual Funds through SIPs will help you save for his retirement. It’s okay if he is already saving for his retirement corpus, your investments will help him retire tension free without worrying much about his savings. If there are a minimum of 3 years for his retirement, I would suggest you have some equity exposure towards your investments to earn higher returns. A Balanced Equity fund would be a good choice.

And, if your father has already retired, invest in Liquid Mutual Funds, that will help him use the money in case of unforeseen emergencies. These funds work similarly to a savings bank account. They do not attract any withdrawal charges and are highly liquid in nature.

Share his Debts

Debt is always considered as a burden. This Father’s Day share your fathers’ burden. Try to pay off his debts at least partially if you cannot afford it completely. This would relieve your dad from the stress that he had on his shoulder all these years. Having a debt-free life will give him more peace and he can retire happily with his wife.

So, this Father’s Day, give your dad, a gift of a lifetime. And confidence forever. All these years he has been guiding you through your career and now is the time for you to switch roles and guide him through a peaceful retirement. Take responsibilities on your shoulder and walk hand in hand with your dad during retirement. The happiness that he would experiences is priceless and the sense of satisfaction he would get cannot be expressed. Be the child who can give your father financial confidence this Father’s Day.

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