European vacation for two weeks

Henry David Thoreau once said “Not until we are lost do we begin to understand ourselves.” Europe is just the right place to lose and find oneself.

Everyone wants to travel but most travel plans are limited by bank balances. Saving money to travel would probably be a good solution, but saving in a bank or in a cookie jar is as good as spending them. I would rather invest the same in any investment avenue.

Having goals is important in life and we at Upwardly just facilitate reach them by converting dreams to achievable goals.

Goal based investing is the best way to monetize and time ones dreams. It will help one to build new goals or chose from the existing ones and suggest a portfolio of funds after assessing their age, life stage, risk appetite and market conditions. This instills disciplined investing and monitoring to establish whether one is on track to meet their goals or not.

Here’s how you can go on a vacation

We’ve budgeted the cost at Rs 2.75L at end of the goal period (3yrs). This is based on today’s cost of Rs 2.25L. One can always change this amount and goal duration before they choose from the portfolio suggestions.

With a monthly investment of just Rs 6,500, for the next 3 years, one can tick off Europe from their travel list.

Here’s how a balanced portfolio looks like. With 15% equity and 85% debt.

Walt Disney said “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Well at Upwardly we will help you do it. Realize your dreams with Upwardly.

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