All Europe. 2 weeks. 1 lakh. Possible!

Don’t have this view only as your screensaver, but experience it for real!

A travel agent might tell you that you’re building castles in the air with a budget of Rs. 1 lakh for 2 weeks in Europe. While they would also like you to believe that they are the sole authority on how you should plan your sightseeing agenda, Upwardly will tell you how you could do it differently! Before you ask, how can a finance company do that, hear us out!

Raising the money

Unsurprisingly, money is the single biggest impediment when it comes to globetrotting. Airfares and accommodation alone can knock the winds off any sail in terms of enthusiasm for travel. However, saving Rs. 1 lakh is quite possible and all it takes are a few rollbacks in regular expenses.

  • Avoid eating outside, every day– a small ‘snackrifice’ for the journey ahead
  • Be choosy about parties and concerts- Netflix and chill instead
  • No expensive birthday and anniversary gifts- get creative with handmade presents instead. They’re more personal and show you really care
  • Try Uber Pool instead of Uber Go/X

If all the above sound like a bit too much, try to incorporate as many of them as possible!

Park your savings into this fund on a monthly basis and let your money grow!


This is the most expensive part of the journey. Thankfully, there are some tried and tested means to optimise air travel: A return ticket to Vienna from Bangalore will cost you Rs.35,000 if you book for June 2017 (data from MMT).

  • Try booking tickets 54 days in advance
  • Avoid the weekends and festive seasons
  • Early morning flights are usually cheaper
  • Check multiple booking websites. You might be surprised by what you find

One can even forgo this option if one knows how to use credit cards. A smart credit card user can redeem their air miles to travel. The HDFC Superia Credit Card and Air India SBI Signature Credit Card allow you to travel abroad for free! Carefully, choose which card works best for you.


If you wish to stay at the JW Marriott then stop reading this. Accommodations are second on the list in terms of expenses. While you may not be able to afford the most expensive hotels, you wouldn’t need to live under a bridge either. Here are some great options:

  • AirBnb or Couchsurfing are great apps to connect to ‘bang for the buck’ homestays
  • Home Exchange and lovehomeswap are some home exchange sites where you can swap homes and even vehicles with a person living at your holiday destination
  • Never seek accommodations during peak season. Rates are always hiked up during this time


With airfare and accommodation taken care of, the rest is up to you. The internet has made the world your oyster. One can find locals who can take you out for a tour of the city for a fraction of the cost charged by tour operators (Vayable). An old lady from the boulevards of Paris could give you a 4-course meal fit for a king for a small fee (EatWith). As the world gets connected through the internet, various social media platforms are emerging that seek to connect locals to you. They can offer you a holiday at a reasonable cost while enhancing the holiday experience at the same time. Use the trains, they are the cheapest and fastest options to hop from one country to the other. Do not fall for cheap air tickets. In all probability you will end up at a second grade airport and would end up paying more for your drive to the hotel!
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