Election Results & Markets Volatile?

Election results might have an impact on the stock markets and they may go down in the short run.  But short term impact doesn’t really matter in the long run.

See the graph below
The markets have created phenomenal value over the last 30 years!! In the short term there might be ups and downs, but it really does not matter if you are invested for the long run. Hence you should stay put in your equity portfolio and stay committed to your SIPs for the long term and not depend on the current Election Results

Systematic Investment in Equity is the best way to build wealth in the long term and meet your financial goals. 

Its Important to Keep the Faith!

Take a look at the BSE Sensex Curve over short term and long term

Market dips but surges back in the Long Run!

What should you do?

Our recommendations are very SIMPLE

  1. Your Equity Investments were/should be done with a longer term view. Results from elections do not and should not change that view. STAY INVESTED. CONTINUE YOUR SIPs.
  2. IGNORE the SHORT TERM Volatility and Panic. Benefit from this.
  3. If the Markets further correct tomorrow, this would provide a VERY GOOD OPPORTUNITY to increase your Equity Investments or Start it. You can do LUMP SUM (ONE TIME) Investments and invest more in the TOP funds/Plans.

Here is our Chosen portfolio for your Lump Sum Investments

Invest for the Long Term

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