Do you need a Financial Advisor, when you aren’t even rich?

Are you under the impression that to hire a personal financial advisor you need to be rich? Well, the days have changed now. Everyone with the aspiration to build wealth can get customized investment advice. If you are well aware of all the financial products and have the time to review your portfolio periodically, then you wouldn’t need an advisor. Else, hiring a financial advisor is helpful because their focus is more holistic and they look at the intersection of your life and your money.

Who is a Financial Advisor?

A financial advisor provides financial advice or guidance. They are the ones who assess your financial status by looking at different aspects such as age, income, family, risk tolerance and advice you on your asset allocation. Asset Allocation is important because a single plan will not suit everyone. Therefore, on the basis of your profile personalized portfolio has to be curated and the right person for the job is a financial advisor.

How to choose a Financial Advisor?

There are many financial advisors offering advisory services. You should be looking at an advisor who is curating a portfolio that would just suit you and your goals. Why is this important? For example, the asset allocation and choice of investment products that might suit you might not suit me, therefore, tailor-made portfolios are the key differentiators.

Each goal that you would want to achieve should be treated differently. A financial advisor who is able to curate a portfolio based on the understanding of your goals, time frame, and income levels should be your choice.

Financial Advising doesn’t end at just making a portfolio that would suit your portfolio, a regular review and rebalancing are important. This will help your investments be at par with your changing lifestyle and also the market conditions. It’s important because, external factors like inflation, market movements, etc. shouldn’t eat into your return and make it difficult to achieve your goals.

Its worth paying a Financial Advisor

Nothing in the world is free. And so is investment advice. Financial advisors also have a certain cost associated with them. They either charge a fee from clients or earn commissions from asset management companies. Most investors invest based on word of mouth opinions or when they hear from their friends about certain funds or stocks. How far is this strategy right? What suits them doesn’t suit you. Also, just investing doesn’t do the job for you, you need to continuously monitor your investment. Do you have the time for it? Here’s when paying for financial advice makes sense. Even though it’s an additional cost, it’s worth it. This is because the advisor will not only build a portfolio based on your requirements but will continuously try to maintain the right balance between your investment objective and investments.

Upwardly is a robo-advisory platform that offers free services for its clients. Asset Management Companies (AMC) charge a fixed fee for funds management. This fee is typically between 0.1% to 2.5%. The AMCs share a part of this fee with Upwardly. This fee sharing is usually between 0.025% to 1.5%. Upwardly does not charge anything from its clients.

Why Upwardly?

Upwardly doesn’t simplify investments but actually simplifies dreams. In simple words, it tries to curate an investment portfolio that would help you achieve your goal no matter how big or how crazy or how distant it is.

The following reasons set Upwardly apart from its competitors

  • Goal-based investing: You can choose from the existing goals or create new goals and we will recommend you portfolios based on your age, life stage, income, risk appetite, and market conditions.
  • Superior ranking methodology: There are so many funds to choose from. It becomes difficult to pick one fund to invest in, from all what you hear from friends, TV, investment news, reports, and your father. We intend to help you in deciding on the best Mutual Funds that work for you. The top funds are ranked based on a 15 point balanced scorecard methodology.
  • Periodic review and rebalancing of portfolio: We continuously monitor your portfolio and recommend periodic re-balancing to maximize returns for you while taking into account prevailing market conditions, tax implications, switching and exit costs to meet your goals and aspirations.


Upwardly has a methodology to bank on. Its fund selection is based on consistent track record, consistent returns, reputable size, economic factors and no lock-in periods. There is no rocket science to our recipe of picking mutual funds for you. It is plain and simple math, which is why it works. In the world of finances, the simpler things are, the better they work.

Selection of funds is just one-fifth of the solution. Knowing what to buy, when to buy and how to buy is the most critical part. If all one had to do was to buy mutual funds and get rich, ten million of us would’ve become rich by now. We offer lifelong monitoring and adjustments and provide portfolio strategy used by millionaires. Our model has proven to beat market performance.


No money related dream is too big. All you need to do to fulfill it is, invest systematically in the right manner. Upwardly will help you through the way from creating a personalized portfolio to monitor it and periodically suggest changes as required and hold your hand until you reach your goal. Therefore, while assessing the effectiveness of a financial advisor, make sure you understand how they are building your portfolio and whether or not a periodic rebalancing service is offered.

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