Looking to buy a BMW as you turn 35? Removing your take-home salary out of the equation

50% off by making a SIP investment. Too good ?

Want to gift yourself a BMW car on your 35th birthday? And that too without worrying about your salary increments or any recessions. The question that you are asking yourself is what is a better deal? Taking a car loan now, or save up to buy your dream vehicle after 7–10 years.

If you already have the money, read no further. This article is only for the 25-somethings, who want to save up for their car. And wouldn’t it be great to get the car at one-third the price? Yes, it is possible!

Plan #1 The old way – take a loan

The BMW 3 Series costs about Rs. 47 lakhs or upwards (on road in Bangalore). Assuming a loan amount of Rs. 47 lakhs, you can opt to buy the car now and pay an equated monthly instalment (EMI) for a period of maybe 5 years (or more). Refer to our car loan calculator to calculate your EMI. Considering an interest rate of 12.5%, your total payment for 5 years (including the interest component) would work out to around Rs. 63 lakhs at a monthly EMI of Rs. 84,230/-

You pay half the value of the car on interest alone!


Plan #2 The smarter way – start a SIP

An alternative plan is to purchase your BMW at HALF the price with the power of compounding. Let’s see how:

Assuming that you are 25 years old now, you have 10 years till your 35th birthday. Taking into account a 5% year-on-year increase in car prices, your BMW 3-series model will cost around Rs. 59.8 lakhs in 7 years.

To get to Rs. 59.8 lakhs in 7 years, let us devise an SIP-based mutual fund plan that will work for you. We put this data into our car goal and here are the results:


If you have the luxury of time and can wait for 10 years instead, you could get your beamer at Rs. 26k per month or 70% OFF. Better than Big Billion Day Sale!

So how is this better?

Your SIP monthly investment is Rs 42,800/-, which is half the cost of your loan EMI.
Your total investment for the SIP plan is around Rs. 36 lakhs, which is again around half the cost of your loan payment.

What’s the catch?

This applies to almost everything in life that you want to buy. Don’t you want everything big in your life at 1/3rd or 1/2 the price?

It’s not easy to get the returns that will make your money multiply consistently. You need to know where to invest? what’s the right time? what if you lose money? what if the markets crash? Read this to know why not taking risk is the biggest risk you’re taking.

This is where Upwardly gets in. Imagine someone managing your investments 24×7, 365 days and helping you take actions based on millions of data that we collect on a weekly basis. It’s based on a Nobel-winning theory tailored for the India market.  Completely automated and run by algorithms that have been back-tested for over 20yrs of market data. It’s nothing new, it is not rocket science, but it was accessible only to the UltraHNIs. Until now.

What’s best is that you get started in 5 mins and it’s completely online so that you can track every move, any time, any where.

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*All returns are indicative basis past performance. Actual performance can vary.*

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