Best Investments for the 20s (Except Mutual Funds)

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Twenties are a great time. You are discovering financial freedom and taking responsibility for your own life. It is also confusing because you are still trying to figure out your place under the sun at both personal and professional levels.

The current recommended mode of investments in your twenties is Mutual funds. As far as investing your money is concerned, I would not recommend anything apart from that (especially if you are based out of India). Good indian fund managers have done a good job of giving good returns — the best have given 20%+ CAGR over the last couple of decades.

Unless you are in the investing industry or getting a PMS manager, your ability to make returns off direct stocks is low. As per a leading brokerage house, 97% of all retail investors make sub-FD returns.

However, at a personal level, there are many investments that you can and you should make:


For every additional professional qualification, you might be adding 5–7% additional to your income per year as compared to others. Get trained on newer stuff. AI might eat your job but if you are trained enough, you will always be valuable to any employer

Build Relationships

Strengthen your relationship with your friends and family. Look for the right long term partner. People in stable relationships/ social environments earn better, have lower medical costs and have better overall quality of life.

New Experiences

You have a long life ahead of you. Seek new experiences aggressively. You will learn a lot about yourself and about life. This is part of becoming an ‘interesting’ and complete person!

Go on an Adventure(s)

This is the great decade to be adventurous. You will never be this young (and this foolish) ever again. Your body/ mind is capable of far more than what you can imagine. Go on a physical adventure. Take risks. Startup! Take a chance!

Learn to give

As a country which is really stingy on the generosity quotient, this is the age to start giving back. Give to to your college, school, town, any cause that you are passionate about. Learn to give!

Happy Investing!

Options for you: Equity investing for good returns, Safer investing in Debt Funds and Goal-based investing. Drop a note to in case you need any assistance

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