Best Funds to Invest in Muhurat Trading

Muhurat Trading is a well-known old tradition in India which is being followed for ages now. It is an auspicious one-hour trading held on the day of Diwali in the evening and the time for the same is specified by stock exchanges every year. It is an old belief that trading done during this period is will lead to prosperity for the investor for the whole year. People buy shares of good companies so with an intention to stay invested for a long-term and earn wealth. This year the Muhurat Trading is between 5:30 PM – 6:30 PM on 7th November 2018.

Best funds for Muhurat Trading

This Diwali, invest in the top fund’s portfolio custom-made from various categories.

Multi-Cap Category

Mirae Asset India Equity Fund

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund has been renamed to Mirae Asset India Equity Fund as per the new SEBI guidelines. The investment process is focused on a bottom-up approach with a well-diversified approach. The fund follows a growth style of investment. It has the flexibility to invest across sectors, themes & market caps. The fund has beaten its category by 7-12 percentage points in the 3 and 5-year returns. It outperformed the benchmark by 3-7 percentage points. A SIP of ₹5,000 p.m. in this fund started 5 years ago is worth ₹4.29 lakhs now.

Large Cap Category

Reliance Large Cap Fund

A large-cap fund predominantly investing in stocks of top 100 companies by full market capitalization. With 3-year annualized returns of 11.65% and 5-year returns of 17.79%, these are 1 – 5 percentage points higher than the benchmark returns and 2-4 percentage points more than the category returns. A SIP worth ₹5,000 in this fund started 5 years ago is worth ₹4.17 lakhs now. Mr. Shailesh Raj Bhan is the fund manager.

Mid Cap Category

Axis Midcap Fund

The fund predominantly invests in mid-cap companies. They include innovative and entrepreneurial companies with experienced management. They concentrate on high growth companies and market leaders in emerging industries. On three and five-year returns, it has outperformed its category by 3-6 percentage points. A SIP of ₹5,000 p.m. in this fund started 5 years ago is worth ₹4.26 lakhs now.

Small Cap Category

Reliance Small Cap Fund

This is one of the rare funds in the equity space which has beaten its benchmark as well as the category across all the time frames: one year, three years, five years or even seven years. Managing solid performance, even in bear phases, without leaning on large-caps is credible. Over three years, the fund has been ahead of its benchmark by 5 percentage points. Compared to the category, it has managed 9 to 23 percentage point outperformance in 3 and 5-years. A SIP of ₹5,000 p.m. in this fund started 5 years ago is worth ₹4.78 lakhs now.

Hybrid (Balanced Equity) Category

L&T Dynamic Equity Fund

This fund invests more in equity when markets are cheap and lower in equity when are the markets are high. It invests both in equity (65.27%) and in debt (18.26%). SN Lahiri, one of the top fund managers India, manages the equity portion of this fund. On five-year returns, it has outperformed its category by 5 percentage points. A SIP of ₹5,000 p.m. in this fund started 5 years ago is worth ₹3.68lakhs now.

Debt Funds: Low Duration Category

Franklin India Low Duration Fund

The fund primarily invests in corporate bonds and other fixed-income instruments. It focuses on the lower end of the yield curve. It is ideal if you want to invest for a short period of time. The modified duration of the fund is 0.93 years and it’s YTM is 10.60%.

Invest in the top funds this Diwali with Upwardly! Happy Investing!

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