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Best Dividend Mutual Funds: Best Dividend Paying Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund schemes are available in growth and dividend option. Within the dividend option, payout or reinvestment options are available. The dividend option can re-invest (dividend reinvestment option) or pay out the dividends (dividend payout option) the profits made by the fund. Profits or dividends are distributed to the investor from time to time depending …

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SBI Pharma Fund vs Reliance Pharma Fund: Which fund is better to invest in?

SBI Pharma Fund SBI Pharma Fund has been renamed to SBI Healthcare Opportunities Fund. It aims to provide the opportunity of long term capital appreciation by investing in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related securities in Healthcare space. The fund gave 14.93% return (annualized) since its inception in July 1999. The funds 1, 3 …

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