8 Most Read Blogs on Upwardly in 2018

Here’s a list of the articles that our readers loved the most on our blog in 2018. Presenting 8 Most Read Blogs on Upwardly in 2018

Mutual funds performance in the last 20 years

Though it has been published in the second half of the year, this articles has received the most love from our readers. This article shows the performance of mutual funds in the past 20 years. And how the combination of SIP and long-term investing can be fruitful.

Top 10 Mutual Funds to Invest in 2018 – 2019

Upwardly’s pick of top 10 mutual funds to invest in 2018-19 was surely a hit. This article shows the top funds to invest in category wise. Discover the top funds in each category here.

What are Hybrid Funds? Top 10 Hybrid Funds for 2018-2019

With recategorization in mutual funds, the balanced category has become hybrid. This article highlights our list of top hybrid funds (based on the aggressive hybrid type) along with the definitions of 7 different types of hybrid funds.

Will Rs. 1 crore be enough to take care of all your needs after 15 years?

This one is most of the readers personal favorite. All of us have big plans when we have one crore in hand. But will that one crore be sufficient for all our needs in 15 years? Throw in some inflation math and you will know that this one crore is worth just Rs 36 lakhs in 15 years. Read on to know more!

The Story of 4 Investors – Investing in Times of Volatility

Who doesn’t like stories? Well here’s a story of 4 investors who have invested in different time periods. Learn from the stories of 4 friends who have invested in mutual funds through SIPs. Read on to know the moral of the story!

Real Estate vs Mutual Funds

Real estate. The very first thing that comes to the mind of Indians when they hear investments. Are real estate investments really profitable? How’s the real estate market in India? How are mutual fund investments performing when compared to real estate investments?  Read on to know more.

What is Annualized Return in Mutual Funds? How is it calculated?

One year returns in mutual funds seem higher than my 3 or 5-year returns. Does that mean my mutual fund investments are good only for short-term? Well, no! 1-year returns are absolute returns and 3 and 5-year returns are annualized returns. Read on to know more about the difference between the two and understand the magic of compounding.

Can NRI invest in Mutual Funds?

Living in a different country doesn’t mean you cannot be a part of India’s growth story. NRI’s here’s an opportunity for you to invest in Indian mutual funds. Read on to know why and how NRI’s can invest in Indian mutual funds.


We are thrilled to share the list of the most read blogs of 2018. We aim to keep guiding our readers on investing and mutual funds, keep them updated with the economy and news updates, help them with investing through our personal finance articles and assist them to live a financially planned life.

Thank You for your responses to these articles. Let the love keep coming 😊.

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