7 Most Read Blogs on Upwardly in 2017

Here’s what our readers loved the most on our blog in 2017!

Why Did Real Estate Investments Work for My Parents and Why It Won’t for MeThis is a topic close to the heart of many of our readers. It looks at why investing in real estate worked for older generation and what are the alternate better investment options you can look at today

How much can I make if I invest Rs.1000 every month? You won’t believe what Rs. 2000 can get you: What can Rs.1000 invested every month get you? Discover the power of compounding in this article.

Is it Wise to Invest in ELSS Mutual Funds to Save Tax?Giving a quick snapshot of Tax saving ELSS Mutual Funds, this article shares insights on why ELSS is better than other investment options, something which many of the readers were not aware of.

Best Investments for the 20s (Except Mutual Funds): We were thrilled to see how our younger readers enjoyed reading this piece! 20s are a great time to start thinking about investments as you start discovering financial freedom. This article looks at investments for 20s in a really different way!

Looking to buy a BMW as you turn 35? Removing your take-home salary out of the equation: Why limit your dreams and aspirations? Can you get your dream car at 50% off by just making an SIP investment? Too good to be true? This article actually talks about how it is possible!

Are you making these mistakes that are damaging your Financial Lives?A quick check on the common mistakes Indians make that are harmful for their financial lives. Our readers related to most of these and didn’t realize that they were actually making these mistakes. It is really important that these traps are avoided for a sound financial life.

3 Most Common Mutual Fund Investment Misconceptions BustedPeople shy away from investing in Mutual Funds due to some unwarranted misconceptions they have! These stand busted here, and after all Mutual Funds Sahi Hai!

We will be talking about more such topics in 2018, aiming to guide our readers on investing, personal finance, wealth management and a whole lot of stuff on savings, money management etc!

Thank You for your responses on the articles. Let the love keep coming 😊.

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