Pay more get less India’s most rewarding Jewellery Savings Scheme

Get more than ever!

Top-up voucher from Bluestone is valid OVER AND ABOVE any offer that is running on Bluestone

What do you get?

You can invest Rs.3K or Rs.6K for a period of 6 or 12 months. Below is the illustration of the offer

Monthly Sip
Total investment
Return from
investment @8% #
Top-up voucher
from Blue Stone *
Extra value from offer
Total amount
Extra Value as
% of monthly SIP
6 Months
720 (4%)
6 Months
1,800 (5%)
12 Months
1,800 (5%)
12 Months
4,320 (6%)
* Top-up voucher will be given by Bluestone once the tenure of investment is completed or total investment has been done in the below fund
# These are projected returns. This amount can vary depending on the performance of the fund. We've chosen the most stable fund, however, returns can be lower or higher
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Where do you invest

Fund Name
Annualised Returns
1 Yr
3 Yr
5 Yr

Frequently Asked Questions

Offer Basics

  1. What is this offer?

    BlueStone and Upwardly together bring you this “Pay Less, Get MORE” offer for diamond jewellery. With this offer, you will be able to buy diamond jewellery you have always dreamt of, at a discounted price with small monthly investments. This works out to be much cheaper than buying jewellery through Credit Card EMI/loan which adds interest cost to cost of jewellery.

  2. Looks interesting. How does the offer work?

    Based on your estimated cost of jewellery, you choose an offer scheme – investment amount per month and investment period. Then, you invest a fixed amount every month in a very safe mutual fund chosen carefully by Upwardly. Once you are done with all your investments, you get back the total investment along with returns (~7.75% annualised) and a top-up voucher (4-6%) from BlueStone. You can use the total investment value, returns generated and top-up voucher to buy diamond jewellery through BlueStone. This top-up voucher is valid OVER & ABOVE any offer that is running on BlueStone at the time of booking.

  3. What are the benefits of the offer?

    There are dual benefits from this – your investment through Upwardly grows during the investment period. BlueStone gives additional top-up on the total bill value. This top-up is valid over and above any other offer that BlueStone might already be running during the time of the booking. Both these benefits combined make it the best available offer in the market.

Offer Redemption

  1. On completion of the stated duration, how will I get the total amount and/or voucher?

    On completion of the term of the offer, you can login to your Upwardly account and use the Redeem option to withdraw the total investment and returns generated from monthly investments. Upwardly will send the BlueStone voucher to your registered email id within 14 days of redemption.

  2. What all can I buy with this offer?

    You can buy Diamond jewellery from BlueStone’s wide range of diamond jewellery collections. Exclusions: gold coins, plain gold jewellery, only gemstones or only pearls.

  3. How do I buy?

    You can go online to and buy. The bill value should be higher than the total amount invested. You can use the BlueStone top-up voucher on the checkout page.

  4. For how long is the voucher valid?

    Voucher is valid for 180 days after the date of receiving the voucher.

  5. Is it valid on top of anything that BlueStone is running?

    Yes, the BlueStone voucher is valid as a top-up to the total bill amount. Voucher is valid on top of any offers that BlueStone might be running at the time of purchase and can be clubbed with other offers.

  6. Can I transfer the voucher to anyone? Or give it as a gift?

    The voucher can be transferred to your friends and family members. Other conditions remain the same.

  7. What is the minimum value of jewellery that I need to buy at BlueStone?

    The diamond jewellery being bought at BlueStone should be of higher value than the total investment value. E.g. – If you've chosen to invest ₹6,000 for 12 months, the minimum purchase value from BlueStone should be ₹72,000 for the top-up voucher to work.


  1. Can the tenure be changed at a later stage?

    Yes, the tenure can be changed to a lower or higher one if the total investment amount is completed. You will have to write to us at to make the request.

  2. Can I opt out of the scheme? Is there any penalty?

    You can opt out of the scheme anytime. There is NO penalty on this offer from BlueStone or Upwardly. You may choose if you want to withdraw the mutual fund investments you have done for towards this offer. If you don’t withdraw the investment amount, it will continue to remain investment and grow. The BlueStone voucher will not be given in this case.

  3. Can the per month investment amount be changed?

    No, once you start investing for a plan, the SIP amount towards this offer cannot be changed.

  4. How can I see my investment status?

    You can see your investment status on your dashboard on website.

  5. Do I get any investment alerts?

    Yes, Upwardly would be sending you reminders on your SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) every month, before the date of transaction.

  6. What happens if my payment fails or I miss paying my investments?

    If your payment fails due to any reason, you will be notified by Upwardly. You can make up for it by making a lumpsum investment of the same amount.

  7. Can I complete all investments before the completion of the tenure?

    Yes. You can complete all your investments before completion of the tenure. However, you can withdraw the investment only after completing half the fixed duration to avail the BlueStone offer.
    If the tenure is for 12 months, you can complete the total investments anytime but can avail the BlueStone top-up only if you withdraw and redeem after 6 months of inception (half the tenure duration).

  8. Are the returns shown guaranteed?

    Think of it this way. The 4-6% top-up is your guaranteed return. That is better than FD (post-tax). On the investment, your money will be invested in very low risk mutual funds. Upwardly has carefully chosen the liquid plus mutual fund to be used in this offer. This fund has stable returns with very low volatility. While past returns may not guarantee future returns, this fund has never given a negative return in the last 10 years.


  1. What is BlueStone?

    Established in 2011, BlueStone is India's No.1 online jewellery destination that showcases high quality fine jewellery with strikingly exquisite designs.

  2. What is Upwardly?

    Upwardly is a personal finance and wealth management company. is a ‘pay now, buy later’ platform designed to assist the financially uninitiated to discover structured wealth creation and help them bridge the gap between their savings and aspirations.