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*Estimation is based on average historical return of top equity funds. This is to facilitate informed decision making for investors. Actual results may vary.

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Choose a goal or create a custom one and our algorithm will design a portfolio personalised just for you
Invest in Systematic (SIP) plan or one-time, directly via our BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange) gateway. It's 100% safe & secure
Sit back and relax as we monitor your investments 24x7, round the clock, till the goal is achieved
We automate sophisticated services (re-balance, accelerate or switch) so that all you do is click to approve

Why us

Time-tested proven portfolio strategy

Upwardly's portfolio strategy, based on Nobel Prize-winning Modern Portfolio Theory, is tailored for the Indian Market. We create balanced and personalised portfolios for you based on your Investment Horizon and Risk Profile while accounting for the prevailing market conditions like Stock Markets performance (Price to Earning, Price to Book, Dividend Yield), Interest Rates, GDP growth Rates and other important macroeconomic factors.

Why us

Market beating

Our proprietary investing model, based on Dynamic Asset Allocation, has consistently given substantially higher returns than the Markets over a period of two decades which includes multiple bullish and bearish cycles. We optimise your portfolio to offer maximum possible expected return for a given level of risk through careful selection of mutual funds using our proprietary ranking frameworks.

Why us


We continuously monitor your portfolio and recommend periodic rebalancing to maximise returns for you while taking into account prevailing market conditions, tax implications, switching and exit costs to meet your goals and aspirations. We offer you a flexible and convenient platform to track/switch/redeem/top up your investments at a click of a button from the comfort of your laptop or phone.

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Bank grade security

We take security very seriously, and that is the reason why we have chosen some of the best encryption protocols in the world. Your data is safe, secure and only accessible by you. Your investments are routed through the BSE platform, and your funds do not even touch the Upwardly system. We are SEBI registered investment advisor and AMFI authorised distributor.

Most secure

Lifetime protection

Your investments are held with Mutual Fund Companies, and you receive independent confirmations from them for all investments made through our platform. Also, CDSL keeps a record of all transactions made by you, under your PAN. If anything happens to us, all your investments are safe. You will receive monthly notifications from CDSL as well.

Most secure


Our algorithm manages your investments 24x7, round the clock. Based on market conditions we re-balance, re-work your portfolio. We use sophisticated algorithms privy only to Ultra-HNIs and make it accessible to you seamlessly. We are 100% online, and there is no more demat account or 100 plus signatures required to get you started as we get you started in under 5 minutes!